About Emily

Qualified and Registered ECE Teacher

I have always loved working with parents and kids. I’ve always been fascinated by the diversity of children and their parents and seen the value of using different strategies for different personalities and characters.
I have been married for eight years to my amazing husband Jason and we have three beautiful and very different girls; Pippa, Annie and Bambi. Parenthood for us has been a huge learning curve and unexpected journey as our middle child has struggled with Epilepsy. We sympathise with parents who have children who have extra needs and know first-hand how difficult this can be while trying to juggle work, home and other kids.


My Approach

I’m a mum, wife, friend. I’m a down-to-earth and non-judgemental ear to listen and offer thoughts and advice from a wealth of experience and education. I am passionate about seeing families thrive and flourish – accentuating each other’s strengths and learning how to deal with each other’s weaknesses. 

My Process

I start by asking you to complete a questionnaire which allows me some insight into your current family situation and your personalities. I then have a face-to-face with you where we work through some of the challenges you face. I then offer some tools and ideas for you to try out. Often, follow up meetings are required, but we can just work together to get to the desired result.

Notes and Tools

After getting to know you, your family and your unique situation, I spend time working out some tools and ideas for you to work through in your family homes. I also have some other literature that I can make available to you as you journey with me to make your family situation more peaceful.